DIY Hi-Fi Phono Turntable w/ Magnetically Suspended Tonearm

DIY Hi-Fi Record Player

Project Source:

This DIY turntable project was completed by Nandor Szabo, a very  talented DIYer who is located in Hungary.  Parts were sourced from a Dual 701 direct drive turntable.  This projects shows for to reuse the sourced parts, create a base from wood, support feet, base suspension, electronic controls, and a magnetically suspended counterweight and tonearm.

Cafe Racer

I bought a 1979 Honda CX500c in 2014.  It was my first motorcycle and I really enjoyed riding and working on. Between having a child, buying a house, and keeping my significant other happy, I will not find time in the near future to continue this project.  So instead here are some pictures and a link to the forum I was posting on.

Here’s the bike when I bought it:


Here is the bike in the summer of 2016:


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