The Mother of All Modern Computing Boards

I stumbled upon Fran Blanche’s YouTube channel today and can’t get enough, except that I have to cut my self off now and get back to some actual work.  She owns a guitar effects pedal company (, tests and builds electronics, reviews old technology, uses 3d printers, she’s an artist, musician, and the list goes on.  What a neat human!

“In my opinion it is the most important circuit board in history – and I examine in detail this historic relic from my own personal collection. The LVDC is a strangely obscure footnote in the history of computing, yet it represents some of the greatest leaps that computers ever took. I have spent a good portion of my life designing printed circuit boards, so I have a perspective on this magnificent artifact that I will do my best to convey in this video. But there is so much about this board and its history that I simply do not know – and I hope that some of you who watch this can add insight into the mysteries of the Saturn V Launch Vehicle Digital Computer.” – Fran Blanche

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