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VisualizationIntegrations / ELTData Base / WarehouseAI/MLOther
Microsoft Power BI, Sisense, Microsoft SSRS, SAP Crystal Reports, Oracle OBIEE, Tableau  Microsoft SSIS, Microsoft Data Factory, Power Automate, Oracle Data Integrator, Apache Airflow, Data BricksMicrosoft SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, Cosmos DBAzure Auto ML (Clustering, Regression, Classfication), Azure Cognitive Services (Speech, Translate, Vision), Azure Bot Service, Azure Form RecognizerPython, R, Azure ML/AI, Javascript, GIT, Devops, HTML, CSS


Director / Manager3
BI Consultant / Architect / Developer7
Database Administrator2
Business Analyst6


Data Flex Technologies
Co-Founder, Data Engineering and Analytics Consultant
April 2021 – Current

  • Develop interactive dashboards using Sisense
  • Develop data models in Postges and Sisense ElastiCube
  • Develop ELT integrations using Apache Airflow, Python, SQL
  • Configure and administrate Sisense
  • Engage with Sisense vendor to troubleshoot Sisense issues
  • Write technical requirements
  • Develop web content to support company analytics portal using HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Providing training on data modeling and dashboard design concepts
  • Develop data models in Google Big Query from real-time and periodic data sources
  • Develop tabular data models and dashboards in Microsoft Power BI using SQL, DAX, and M
  • Configure release pipelines, workspaces, in Power BI Service with Premium License
  • Implement row-level-security and incremental refresh in Power BI
  • Document development/modeling design patterns for scale vs cost vs latency
  • Develop BI Maturity Strategy
  • Integrate real-time call metrics from Five9 API into data warehouse using Microsoft Power Automate
  • Give guidance on data modeling and dashboard design for data sourced from Five9 and Sales Force
  • Integrate restaurant point of sale data into data warehouse using Microsoft Data Factory
  • Develop data models in Azure SQL DB

Park Place Technologies – International Hardware Maintenance
Mayfield Heights, OH
Director, Data Engineering
March 2020 – April 2021

  • Grew Data Engineering team from 5 to 8
  • Design, develop, and support data platforms, data modeling, and integrations, specific to the Data Warehouse, Power BI, and other areas
  • Direct IT department functional and strategic planning, including budgeting, business requirements, project planning, and organizing the allocation of resources within the team through estimation of effort as well as capacity planning
  • Manage SDLC, Project Management, and Business Requirements translation into Technical Requirements
  • Supported M&A integration that doubled the company size
  • Identify capitalized vs non-capitalized development expenses

Park Place Technologies – International Hardware Maintenance
Mayfield Heights, OH
Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Architect
March 2019 – March 2020

  • Integrated and commonized new data sources into the existing data warehouse which replaced existing applications (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement)
  • Collaborated with Microsoft to create implementation path, design, and budget to move BI infrastructure into Azure cloud, leveraging Azure Data Warehouse (Synapse), SQL Managed Instance, Data Factory, Data Lake, and Data Bricks.
  • Implemented PowerBI Premium capacity
  • Converted SSAS Multi-Dimensional to Tabular data models.
  • Created PowerBI reports using DAX and Power Query (M).

Race Winning Brands – International manufacturer of racing and high-performance parts sold to the automotive and powersports aftermarkets
Mentor, OH
Business Intelligence Analyst (Architect)
July 2018 – March 2019

  • Main BI developer, handling the entire architecture from integrations, data warehouse design, to dashboards and reports.
  • Re-design of BI infrastructure, with immediate and future phases planned, including migration plan to Azure cloud services.
  • Hardened, refactored, and optimized SSIS and database designs.
  • Created a plan for data warehouse redesign using SSAS tabular and a common data model to unify varied and disparate data sources.
  • Integrated new company entities into the existing data warehouse as part of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Implemented row-level security (RLS) into PowerBI.

Park Place Technologies – International Storage/Server/Network Hardware Maintenance
Mayfield Heights, OH
Business Intelligence Developer II
September 2017 – July 2018

  • Design and develop Business Intelligence architecture for ELT (Extract-Load-Transform) processes using SSIS and stored procedures, and data structures (Fact and Dimension tables) to support self-service OLAP SSAS infrastructure
  • Used BIML to automate integration design and maintenance
  • BI architecture including designing commonized data models for multiple source systems
  • Researched and Leveraged emerging technologies such as column-store indexing, SSAS tabular, PowerBI, and Analysis Services Azure, Azure DB, and various other Azure cloud products
  • Installed and configured PowerBI Server
  • Used Microsoft Flow and Data Gateway to stream real-time data into PowerBI
  • Maintained C# code for MVC web-portal, and various internal BI utilities
  • Implemented code enhancements to optimize performance
  • Migrated existing, and stood-up new, databases as needed
  • Implement SDLC policies and procedures
  • Held weekly training sessions on SQL Server 2017 attended by  various departments

Analytics Ontime, Inc. – Business Intelligence Consulting
Cleveland, OH
BI Developer, Co-Founder
September 2014 – December 2018

  • Manage configuration of virtual servers via MS Azure (Windows Server 2012)
  • Installed SQL servers to use for ETL, Data Warehousing, and Reporting (SQL Server 2016)
  • Developed PowerBI embedded into web application.
  • Installed and configured SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2016)
  • Created ETL processes using SSIS jobs, from multiple sources such as PostgreSQL, files systems, other SQL Servers. Some of which were near real-time data transfers which had built-in error recovery in case the data transfer fell behind.
  • Developed reports in SSRS 2016 (KPI, Mobile, and Paginated) and Power BI
  • Converted over 50 thousand lines of code (about 50 stored procedures, functions, views) from an old on-premises application to a new web-based application that had a different data architecture.
  • Developed strategy for gracefully capturing database errors. Required all stored procedures to use TRY CATCH logic that, upon error, would return a friendly message to the end-user and log a meaningful technical message to a table, and send out an email alert to the developers.
  • Migrated BI system from Azure DB and shared SQL Server to Dedicated and Upgraded environment running SQL Server 2016.
  • Configured active directory permissions for SSRS
  • Configured e-mail SMTP client for scheduled report delivery
  • Configured SFTP client for data transfers
  • Designed and created databases, including tables, views, stored procedures, and scalar/table functions
  • Designed and developed company website using wordpress, with custom code in CSS, HTML PHP
  • Managed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for website

Dealer Tire LLC – International Tire Distribution and Logistics (B2B, B2C, SaaS)
Cleveland, OH
Database Administrator
December 2015 – September 2017

  • Manage hundreds of servers containing thousands of databases
  • Install SQL Servers 2008 through 2016, including single instances, failover clusters
  • Configure backup processes (full, differential, t-log) for Disaster Recovery and High Availability
  • Perform code pushes from lower environments to production as part of SDLC.
  • Developed new data and structure refresh routines from production to lower environments
  • Identified poor performing t-sql queries and optimized to run faster and more efficiently
  • Developed task automation to reduce need for 3rd shift DBA assistance.
  • Captured and documented process errors and submitted to appropriate teams for resolution
  • Consolidated multiple stand-alone instances to single instance where feasible, such as light-weight third party internal applications.
  • Migrated many SQL servers from old to new versions (2005, 2008 R2 to  2012, 2014, 2016)
  • Implemented partition and compression strategy for 500GB BI database with process to auto-create new partitions and archive old partitions to long-term storage
  • Implemented SSIS dedicated server to consolidate SSIS packages from many servers
  • Automated DBA tasks such as implementing standardized DBA processes for new server installations, purging logins/DB users, identifying orphan database users.
  • Identified security risks such as a linked server service account that could be used to get SysAdmin rights to another server.
  • Analyzed data storage needs and developed a disk usage projection model. This process revealed that some databases were not compressed that should have been.
  • Implemented standards for code promotions that increased automation and helped to reduce errors, such as developing a code block that checked to make sure the promotions scripts were being executed on the right server group, and creating batch scripts to auto promote SSIS packages from subversion to production.
  • Implemented standards for SQL Server installations. 

Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. / Mortgage Asset Systems, LLC
Reverse Mortgage Originations, Servicing, REO Management, and Software Development
Modeling & Analytics Manager (Reporting & Analytics Department)
Tempe, AZ
October 2013 – December 2015


  • Built out team of 7 Report Developers and Analysts to support all areas of the company, focused on ad-hock reporting, and recurring reporting, operational and financial analysis, trend and forecast modeling, and data mining and analysis
  • Assisted with design and oversaw development of a data warehouse, which included more than 8 internal and external data sources, consisting of thousands of tables.  Worked with various parties to develop cleansing and structuring processes for unstructured data, in preparation for data warehouse import.
  • Developed and deployed automated reporting environment using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), including full development, test, and production release process.
  • Built models and reporting that provided analysis and insight into various areas of the business in order to improve efficiency, resolve issues, satisfy audits, and help make important financial and operational decisions.
  • Collaborated with Enterprise Project Management Office to define enhancement requirements for multiple applications
  • Increased efficiency and automation for various reports and processes
  • Improved client satisfaction and regulatory compliance
  • Built a centralized System Enhancement and Report Request process via SharePoint and InfoPath used for nearly all IT applications
  • Designed and implemented internal departmental capacity and prioritization model which automatically load-balanced work between developers and assigned estimated completion dates.


  • Built Model for Projecting Curtailed Loans through Default to Claims, with controls to satisfy SOX
  • Performance Tracking Reports of curtailed loans based on Curtailment Projection Model
  • Supported project to transition curtailment model into an IT Production environment
  • Worked with business to implement operational processes and controls to reduce curtailment exposure

Accounting, Finance, Treasury, HR

  • Worked with Accounting to redesign Reserve Methodology on Unpaid Corporate Advances, greatly reducing reserve balances and enabling RMS to be profitable for 2014.
  • Designed new cost centers to help align P&L reporting with business. (Cost Center Redesign 1)
  • Supported implementation of functional costing structure (Cost Center Redesign 2). Helped to define new cost centers, cost center roll-ups, and general ledger account roll-ups, with alignment to the business and personnel, and developed data structures to organize the information in a relational format.
  • Profit & Loss Reporting with Actuals vs Budget Variance Tracking
  • GNMA Buyout Projection of Loans Through Default with Performance Tracking – For loans RMS has bought out from GNMA and are in default, this model shows where they should be in the process vs where they actually are.  It also shows potential delay indicators, such as bankruptcy, short sale, and litigation.
  • Personnel Reporting (using Cost Center Redesign 1, and then 2), including metrics for active employees, hiring activity, turn over, contractor and contractor conversion, and open positions
  • Produced profitability analyses on various clients that focused on Servicing and REO expenses and revenues, including financing carrying costs for expenses paid on behalf of and eventually reimbursed by the client (corporate advances).
  • Assisted with conversion from old to new general ledger software (AMB to SAP) and actively work to identify and reconcile posting issues for revenue and expense accounts.


  • Implemented reporting which covers multiple systems (2 Lead Management Systems, 3 Loan Originations Systems)
  • Loan Officer Performance Reporting – Identified which Loan Officers were over or under performing.  Used to identify and reward high performers, and identify underperforming loan officers resulting in corrective training or termination.
  • Lead Performance Reporting – Measures success, costs, and ROI of various lead campaigns.
  • Assumed responsibility for, automated, and enhanced, 20+ manual reports which were orphaned due to personnel/location attrition.
  • Lead and Loan Officer Geo-Spatial Analysis – Measures coverage of Loan Officers and compares against purchased leads.


  • Cost to Service Model – Shows RMS’s expense to service a single loan per month, separated into variable, fixed, and active, default components.  This is used for analyzing and trending our efficiency, projecting portfolio costs, and pricing new portfolios.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting for all major departments
  • Analysis of time it takes RMS to Securitize a loan after boarding to the servicing system.
  • Servicing Capacity Model 1 – High level capacity model on historical data which shows the relationship between loans and variable staffing.  Does not show by function and does not have a projection component.


  • REO Property Forecast Model – Projects property volumes through each phase of REO, from boarding to sale.
  • REO Capacity Model – For historical information shows if level of variable staffing was over or under capacity based on property volume.  Uses Forecast Model to project needed staffing per department based on projection of property volume.
  • REO Profitability Model – Shows historical and projects future revenue and expenses based on Property Forecast and Capacity Models.
  • Vendor and Staffing KPIs & Scorecards

Phone Reporting

  • Assumed responsibility as liaison between RMS and Cisco UCCX reporting vendor SMSI.
  • Developed phone reports using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence in the SMSI environment.

Green Tree Servicing – Mortgage Originations, Servicing, and REO Management
Sr. Business Analyst (Asset Management Department)
Painesville, OH
September 2010 – October 2013

  • Worked with various business owners to design and implement new business processes
  • Implemented system workflows to automate and control the movement of assets through the business cycle
  • Developed new reporting structures to link assets and inventory directly to cost centers
  • Improved ETL and DB designs through optimization and restructuring
  • Established key performance indicators for various business sectors
  • Designed and implemented asset scoring model
  • Developed stored procedures, functions, and other database objects to satisfy business needs and enhance application capabilities
  • Tested new processes prior to full-scale roll out in order to gain insight on effectiveness and profitability
  • Site technology support: rectify pc issues, maintain security systems, install/modify networking hardware

Hudson & Keyse LLC (Promoted) – Debt Purchasing, Selling, and Collections
Business Information Analyst (Asset Management Department)
Painesville, OH
March 2008 – September 2010

  • Worked with executives to establish performance “alert” thresholds
  • Created reports that provide insight into operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Worked with a team to establish, maintain, and improve fully functional data warehouse
  • Created and maintained automated recurrent reporting through Crystal Reports, SQL, SAS, MS Access, and other means
  • Participated in system modification projects to improve DW feed and maximize operational insight for business reporting

Hudson & Keyse LLC (Promoted) – Debt Purchasing, Selling, and Collections
Direct Marketing Assistant (Marketing Department)
Painesville, OH
July 2006 – March 2008

  • Worked with a team to establish, maintain, and modify company CRM
  • Maintained department budget of over $1M
  • Scheduled, organized, and attended trade shows and events
  • Developed strategies for optimizing lead generation and market penetration
  • Created marketing graphics and animations to improve brand awareness

Hudson & Keyse LLC – Debt Purchasing, Selling, and Collections
Skip Tracer (Clerical/Administrative Department)
Painesville, OH
August 2005 – July 2006

  • Assisted voluntary and legal collection departments by using online databases and other various methods to gain pertinent information on
  • accounts
  • Maintained work queues, created workflow documents, and suggested procedural improvements

Lincoln Electric – Welding Equipment Manufacturer
Pemserter Press Operator
Mentor, OH
May 2005 – August 2005

  • Received and analyzed blue prints for welding equipment parts
  • Constructed welding equipment parts using pemserter press machine and prepped for assembly