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Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

The certification validates basic knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Azure. Fundamental knowledge of cloud concepts, along with Azure services, workloads, security, privacy, pricing, and support.

Key Concepts covered by certification:

  • Cloud concepts
  • Core Azure services
  • Core solutions and management tools on Azure
  • General security and network security features
  • Identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features
  • Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements

AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

I got my first certification. I’ve been in IT for more than a decade and have always been fearful to attempt getting certifications. I had a fear of failure. I realize now there is no shame in failing a certification test, it just means you need to keep studying. Luckily, I passed! Define your goals and do the work to achieve them.

WiFi Range Heat Mapping

I wanted to compare WiFi coverage of two different wireless access points and their various configurations in my house, and also check for dead spots.  One quick and cheap way to do this that I have come across is using a free product called Ekahau HeatMapper.

Ekahau HeatMapper allows you to walk around your home or office and capture information about WiFi signals in various spots, and then the software aggregates this information into a banded topographical map.

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