4 thoughts on “Example Manufacturing Dashboard in PowerBI”

  1. Nice Dashboard! I just wish that PowerBI didn’t have such a strict record limit; did you have to aggregate data before pulling it into PowerBI?

    I’ve been working with SAP Business Objects lately, it’s kind of neat what you can do with user input controls there.

    1. Thanks! I’m not aware of any record limits in PowerBI, but there is a data size limit on the free version which is maybe what you are referring to. We load millions of records through our dashoards. There are considerations to be made such as caching the data in the report or using the pass-through “direct query” mode.

      I have not used SAP BO in a while but I definitely enjoyed it.

      1. Hi Jon, great post! Can you link us to any resource you may know of that teaches how to embed PowerBI dashboards on to a website? Thanks!

        1. Check out the guy in a cube channel on youtube. They have videos about embedded apps for PowerBI. I can give direct links if you can not find it by searching.

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